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ISO Certified

Exciting news for Stein Sørensen Persontransport and Northern Norway Travel: We are accredited in three categories by the International Organization for Standardization. Traffic safety – ISO 39001 Our environmental impact – ISO 14001 The quality of our services – ISO

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The Northern Lights Explained

From ancient myths to modern science, lady aurora has been bewitching everyone who crosses her path with her inexplicable beauty lighting up both the polar skies and our souls.  But what causes these colourful dancing lights in the Arctic sky?

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Sámi: an indigenous peoples under the northern lights

In the far north of Europe, ancient chants, handicraft traditions and distinct languages live side by side with contemporary trends and lifestyles. This is the Sámi culture, the oldest culture of Norway, dominant in Tromsø, and across the region’s charming

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COVID-19 update

Please note that our tours have been slighty altered to fit current Covid-19 regulations and we take special measures in order to help prevent the spread of the virus.