Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions 2020-2021

Bookings and payments

The terms and conditions for bookings, payments and deposits against final payment must be agreed with the Supplier. All bookings are binding. In the case of bookings made online, the booking is binding once the booking confirmation has been sent or the payment has been made. The Supplier requires a minimum of 4 participants per tour.

The Customer or Guest will be invoiced with an administration fee of 3,5% for all payments through third parties such as credit card, pay-link or the use of Alipay.

Payments for guaranteed departure tours and Camp Aurora bookings through invoices via EHF or e-mail will be free of charge.

Late payment will be subject to a reminder fee of NOK 70 + 8,5% late payment interest. The Customer will be invoiced every 15 days after the service has been provided by the Supplier. Then invoice should be payed within 14 days.

Bookings regarding Suppliers’ Guaranteed Departures and Camp Aurora should be booked through the website www.northernnorwaytravel.no using the unique Customer agent code, whereas bookings for transfers, private tours, or packages, should be booked through booking@northernnorwaytravel.no.

Prices and commission

All prices are stated in Norwegian kroner (NOK) including VAT. Prices will be modified from year to year. For the guaranteed departure tours and Camp Aurora bookings the commission will be grant on the total price excluding VAT (net price). Private tours as well as transfer prices and packages are non-commissionable prices including VAT.

Changes to prices, services, etc.

The Supplier is entitled to increase its prices due to rises in taxes and duties. An increase in price could also occur due to by subcontractors, or unavoidable circumstances over which the Supplier has no control and which it could not have foreseen.

Customer obligations

The Customer is required to make the Guest aware of the rights and obligations that exist between them and the Supplier. This is to be done by providing information on the relevant terms and conditions with which the customer must be familiar. In particular, the Customer must make the Guest aware of his/her responsibility to have travel insurance/personal insurance in place. The Customer also holds the responsibility of informing the Supplier about the Guests’ personal information (contact details, food allergies or preferences and thermal suit sizes).

The Customer must ensure that Guests are able to manage independently for the duration of the journey. The Suppliers employees are not able to offer special assistance for passengers who cannot manage independently. If the Guest ignores this requirement, it may result in him/her being turned away without the right to any form of compensation or refund of money paid for the trip. If there are persons with need of assistance this must be specially booked and confirmed through e-mail. Extra costs may apply.

The Supplier does not offer insurance on the offered trips or activities. Guests are liable for the loss, theft or damage of their personal belongings and must cover the cost or replacements from their own travel insurance or funds. The Supplier strongly recommend guests to obtain travel insurance covering costs of possible cancellations, medical treatment, any damages, accidents or force majeure.

Guest must not cause a nuisance to other travelers. If a Guest is clearly under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the Supplier reserves the right to deny access to the tour and the right to a refund. Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs may also be removed from the activity and returned to the starting point of the tour at their own cost. They may also be charged for willful damage occurred.


Private and tailormade tours / packages The Customer will receive full (100%) refund for all cancellations of inhouse services made 14 days prior to the tour date. No refund for cancellations will be made less than 14 days prior to the tour date. Modifications can be requested up to 48 hours before a trip, however, the possibility to modify the tour depends on availability of resources. A minimum deposit of 30% is required and need to be paid 14 days after confirmation.

For tours including partners’ services, a free cancellation is possible up to 30 days prior to arrival. Modifications can be requested up to 48 hours before a trip, however, the possibility to modify the tour depends on availability of resources. A minimum deposit of 30% is required and need to be paid 14 days after confirmation. If partners’ services are cancelled 30 days prior to arrival the Customer will receive the corresponding refund minus 12%.

Changes of private and tailormade tours must be confirmed and agreed in written from the Supplier.

Guaranteed departures The Customer will receive a full (100%) refund for all cancellations made 48 hours prior to activity start. No refund for cancellations will be made less than 48 hours prior to activity start.

No Show or missed tours Please note the Supplier is not offering any refunds or any type of reimbursement for extra costs due to “no-shows”. Not showing up and/or coming too late (after the tour departure time) is not considered a reason for refund and is paid full price. In case Guests miss the departure time, they are responsible for any costs occurred for acquiring transportation to the activity.

Right to cancel trips

The Supplier may cancel trips for the following reasons:

• If the minimum amount of 4 participants is not met Suppliers’ guaranteed departures.

• If there are events of Force Majeure.

• If weather conditions make it unsafe to run the tour. The Supplier shall notify the Customer of the cancellation as soon as possible. If a trip is cancelled, the Customer is entitled to a full refund of the ticket price (if the ticket was paid for in advance). The Customer cannot claim any form of compensation over and above this, unless the customer has incurred losses as a result of gross mistakes on the part of the Supplier.

Complaints/deadline for complaints

Complaints about the service provided must be notified at once to the representative of the Supplier. Complaints relating to aspects other than the service itself must be notified within 15 days of the Guest returning home, unless there are special reasons for this deadline to be extended.

Rentals from a third party

In some situations, the Supplier might include rented products and materials from a third- party as a part of the service. The Supplier is not reliable for any damages related to the use of such products. Any costs for damages will be invoiced to the Customer.

All rights reserved

The Supplier accepts no liability for errors in texts, images and information on its website. The Supplier reserve the right to make changes after printed materials, timetables, etc. have been produced. The Supplier also reserves the right to make changes to prices and terms and conditions.