ISO Certified

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Exciting news for Stein Sørensen Persontransport and Northern Norway Travel: We are accredited in three categories by the International Organization for Standardization.

Traffic safety – ISO 39001

Our environmental impact – ISO 14001

The quality of our services – ISO 9001

We can say that Christmas came early this year. It’s an honor to be awarded for our top priorities: we are abolutly exctatic!

Considering how unpredictable and even dangerous the Northern Norwegian weather conditions can be – and how fragile our local eco system is, providing quality transportation here in Tromsø comes with a unique set of challenges. This is why we are so touched to receive this recognition at the same time as we’ve been VARDE certified – it shows that our efforts and dedication pay off.

Northern Norway Travel cares about developing and maintaining Tromsø both as a destination and a thriving local environment.

Safety first – our guides and drivers are up to date and confident on how to respond to an accident and safety incident.
We also make sure to leave each spot in the same pristine state as on arrival and strive to make our guests aware and interested in preserving our distinctive nature and culture.
We have electric vehicles and we only use reusable cups and mugs for food & bevrages.

Stein Sørensen Persontransport has driven locals and travellers here in Tromsø for over fifty years with wheelchair-compatible busses and our drivers receive training to best meet our passengers specific needs.

We cooperate closely with Tromsø municipality and schools to transport children from home to school, activity centers and assisted living facilities – often from kindergarten up to high school graduation.

Furthermore, SSP ferries seniors from the whole Troms region from home to activity centers, giving all Tromsø citizens the opportunity to be active and valued members of our community.