Packing smart for Northern Norway


Wondering what to put in your suitcase for your upcoming trip to Tromsø? Arctic temperatures can be harsh but following these easy tips will help ensure you spend less time fearing the weather and more time making memories. 

You are going WHERE on vacation?

To 350km above the Arctic Circle that is where! Fear not though, unlike many other parts of the Arctic, Tromsø benefits from relatively warmer temperatures due to the Gulf Stream. Average temperatures in the Tromsø area in the fall and winter range between -12 and +10 degrees Celsius. However, being on the sea means that wind chill and humidity play a role making the “real feel” colder than the what the thermometer says.

Comfort is key

Fall comes early to Northern Norway. We are reaching for wool and insulated hoodies by early September. While Tromsø is a modern city with lots of culture and dining options, people generally dress more casually than in the South. Jeans and a nice shirt or sweater are completely acceptable dinner attire. Footwear should be comfortable and ladies, you can leave your stilettos at home since sidewalks are often snowy and ice covered. Most locals have slip-on spikes that go over street shoes to ensure safe transit from point A to B.

Braving the elements

When packing your bag for outdoor activities be sure to include lots of layers. Experienced outdoors people swear by this recipe:
Start with good quality merino wool on both top and bottom worn next to the skin,
add a cozy mid-layer jacket that is insulated and breathable,
and finally, water and wind proof shell pants and jacket.

Head gear and good mittens or gloves are also essential to ensure that you can prolong your time outside, especially if you are planning a guided tour to one of our mountains or an evening chasing northern lights. Some warm and study trail shoes or hiking boots should also make it into your suitcase since the temperatures will likely be around freezing.

And if you are really lucky, after you have spent a couple of days absorbing the best of Tromsø in autumnal yellows and oranges, you might just catch the first snow fall of the season. And believe me, there is nothing more magical than Tromsø dressed in white. That is when the fun really begins!

We are here to help

Our experienced guides and staff are happy to help you when planning your trip so don’t be shy about reaching out to us when you drag out your suitcase at home. And once you are here in Tromsø we can always point in you the right direction for good quality gear. When booking tours with us we will tell you exactly what you need to have and we provide any special equipment to make each tour a successful memory making experience.

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