Top 5 actions for sustainable tourism in Tromsø

campfire with Aurora borealis


Sustainability in tourism has become such a buzzword – but what does it really mean for you when you are on holiday? In a nutshell, it’s a way of reorganising travel to minimise pollution and strain on the place you are visiting. Norway is leading in sustainable tourism, check out Norway’s comprehensive 2030 tourism goals. The aim is to offer a zero-impact high quality experience following the UN sustainability goals, and that’s exactly what’s going on in Tromsø.

Tromsø sustainable tourism - above and beyond

When you picture your perfect sustainable voyage in the North, what do you imagine? Perhaps it looks something like this: meeting up with locals to enjoy authentic Arctic experiences like the midnight sun and the aurora – and the tasty local cuisine! – while taking care not to disturb our unique nature and wildlife.


But how is this possible when Tromsø is becoming one of the most popular destinations in Norway? There is still so much to do so that tourism can be truly sustainable, but here are our top 5 actions to get there:


  • Low emissions transport: you’ve probably noticed how many e-cars are already in circulation in Norway, thanks to generous government tax breaks. Here in Tromsø you’ll run into low emissions cars, buses and even boats – keeping down the air and noise pollution!
  • Saying no to single use plastics: however convenient they may have been, a single-use plastic cup takes decades to decompose. And there are so many creative substitutes available, such as compostable and reusable items. Here in Tromsø we have bespoke wooden cups by Saami craftspeople, and that’s just one example of our reusable item.
  • Preserving local culture: People have lived in Tromsø for more than 9,000 years. Viking and Saami populations mingled throughout the ages, fishing and herding reindeer – meeting a Saami reindeer farmer and admiring the Saami handcraft or, joining a local fisherman for a catch is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can be arranged on your trip!
  • Giving Norwegian cuisine a chance: It’s better than it looks! A host of locals are manufacturing tasty traditional snacks or serving delicious meals at homey and cosy restaurants with fresh, locally sourced food.
  • Boosting the local community: Many visitors to Tromsø are looking for an authentic personal experience – meeting locals, learning about their way of life and their history – this is why the guides and collaborators in the Northern Norway Travel experiences are inhabitants of Tromsø, feel free to ask them about life in Tromsø!


Check out our detailed UN sustainability goals mission, we strive to maximise the fun and adventure for visitors, while boosting the local economy and protecting our unique and fragile ecosystem.

Make your next trip a sustainable Northern Norway adventure

What’s on your bucket list? Do you dream of experiencing the Northern lights  or the midnight sun by a cosy campfire? Maybe you are thinking of an extra special event for you and your close ones? Are you keen on local history and culture? Would you like to meet friendly reindeer and reindeer farmers? Are you up to an outdoor challenge? We have what you need.


We’re looking forward to seeing you!