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Leave no trace behind

We at Northern Norway Travel care about developing and maintaining Tromsø both as a destination and a thriving local environment. Therefore, over the course of several years, we have worked to align with international sustainability goals and environmental labels, in particular the UN sustainability goals, the 2030 Norwegian tourism strategy – actually, we’re not waiting for the 2030 deadline, we’re almost there! If you want to see how we work for a more sustainable future for Tromsø, have a look at our initiatives and partnerships for a greener, more sustainable Tromsø!

Our actions

First aid courses – Safety first – our guides and drivers are up to date and confident on how to respond to accidents and safety incidents

Our guides are trained on intensive adventure guide courses, an all-around training providing cultural and scientific background, safety and risk evaluation, etc. with guest lecturers from our community:  Norske folkehjelp, Meterologisk institut, Arctic University – Museum of Tromsø, Visit Norway to name a few

Norwegian classes for foreign workers are provided free off charge – for better integration in our local community

Year-round employment for seasonal workers.

We are a Visit Tromsø approved company – part of the community of eco friendly sustainable tourism – hand-picked by the Tromsø tourism information centre

Join us for a meal: we include local restaurants and/or provide snacks from local producers on our tours

We’ve partnered up with Polar Museum and Fjellheisen to give you a taste of local history

We support local sustainable fishing and fishermen as well as traditional Saami culture by including community members in our tours to give first-hand accounts of their way of life

Guides and drivers make sure to leave each spot in the same pristine state as on arrival and strive to make our guests aware and interested in preserving our distinct nature and culture

We provide reusable cups and compostable single use products such as wooden stirrers

Eco-friendly hot drinks

E-booking and paper-free in-house work environment

We are a EcoLighthouse certified company

We are part to the TAP – Travellers Against Plastic initiative

What we can offer you


Qualified driver and guides

Our guides are all local residents and receive high quality guide training.


Flexible Cancellation

Cancel your booking free of charge 48 hrs before tour.


Quality control

We always strive to provide high-quality experiences for our guests.


Small groups

Suitable for groups up to 15 or private tours.


Arctic Memories

We send you a digital photo album of your experience within 48 hrs.


Sustainable Tours

Environment, local economy and respecting local culture are top priority on all of our experiences.

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