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ISO Certified

Exciting news for Stein Sørensen Persontransport and Northern Norway Travel: We are accredited in three categories by the International Organization for Standardization. Traffic safety – ISO 39001 Our environmental impact – ISO 14001 The quality of our services – ISO … Read More

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Top 5 actions for sustainable tourism in Tromsø

Sustainability in tourism has become such a buzzword – but what does it really mean for you when you are on holiday? In a nutshell, it’s a way of reorganising travel to minimise pollution and strain on the place you … Read More

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The Northern Lights Explained

From ancient myths to modern science, lady aurora has been bewitching everyone who crosses her path with her inexplicable beauty lighting up both the polar skies and our souls.  But what causes these colourful dancing lights in the Arctic sky? … Read More

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Your Trip to the Arctic: how to help prevent Coronavirus

Have you booked a trip to the Arctic and are wondering what precautions to take? If you are visiting Tromsø, Northern Norway Travel continues to happily welcome you on our tours to share with you our stunning Arctic city, landscapes … Read More

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Sámi: an indigenous peoples under the northern lights

In the far north of Europe, ancient chants, handicraft traditions and distinct languages live side by side with contemporary trends and lifestyles. This is the Sámi culture, the oldest culture of Norway, dominant in Tromsø, and across the region’s charming … Read More

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‘Stare at her but don’t whistle’: Arctic myths and legends about aurora borealis

While science has nowadays revealed the truth behind the Northern Lights, this dazzling natural light show was not always interpreted in the same way by Arctic’s northernmost inhabitants. Numerous myths, riddles and legends were created as explanations for the many … Read More

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Packing smart for Northern Norway

Wondering what to put in your suitcase for your upcoming trip to Tromsø? Arctic temperatures can be harsh but following these easy tips will help ensure you spend less time fearing the weather and more time making memories.  You are … Read More

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Discovering Tromsø: The Capital of Northern Norway

  Steeped in sea faring history and thriving in the modern world, Tromsø has something for everyone. And after some days with us you will know the answer to the question: Why is Tromsø called “the Paris of the North”? … Read More

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Making the most of your time in Tromsø

Once you land in the Capital of the North, you will not want to waste a minute of your time! And rest assured there are plenty of activities for everyone. Let Northern Norway Travel help you answer the question: What is there to do in Tromsø? … Read More

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The most colorful time of the year

Why autumn is the unsung hero of Northern Norway Living in Northern Norway is often defined by what the sky is doing – are we counting down the darkest days of polar night or grabbing our sunglasses for a hike … Read More

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