Camp Aurora

NOK from 3560/night
Photo Friendly Transport Available Scenic location

Our 7 new and modern houses are the perfect start for exploring and enjoying the Norwegian way of living. 3 bedrooms and capacity for up to 6 people in each house. Equipped with dishwasher, washing machine, fully equipped kitchen, balcony, terrace, fireplace, and free parking. The perfect location to see the Northern Lights and explore the surroundings. 

You will stay in a genuine Norwegian fjord, where you will be close to the nature and wildlife, everyone knows everyone, far from light pollution is the perfect place to view the Northern Lights. The view over the fjord is breathtaking. 

During your stay we can offer you a fridge pack for your first morning, pre ordered catering, your own chef, sightseeing in the area and Tromsø City, dogsledding, Sami experience, to mention some. Please contact us for more information.

The closest grocery shop is only 15 minute drive to Hansnes, where you can also find a gas station, bank, café, medical center and a church.

We love our pristine landscape and want to keep it that way. That is why we make our tours as nature-friendly as possible. We are proud owners of the Eco-lighthouse certificate. 
Eco-lighthouse northern norway travel
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